We have focused on young children with ASD.  Now, let’s think about your child as a teen or adult with ASD.  As your child grows and develops, if he/she does have signs that indicate a potential of ASD, do not think that it is  something that you can handle as a parent without medical /professional intervention.  This is not the case!  Ask the child’s doctor for a referral for a Neurological Evaluation.  The results of this evaluation can be used to help the individual qualify for services through their insurance or possibly SSI or SSDI benefits.   ASD does not go away or get better unless the child is  provided a very structured  program  by professionals . A program in  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Psychologist or Professional Therapy or Psychosocial Rehabilitation, The ABA  program has been very effective with the guidance of professionals trained in ABA Therapy.  ASD does not go away, but with professional intervention, the effects can be minimized to help the individual live a more successful life. ABA  is a scientific based program that has helped many young people learn to manage daily life effectively.  It is specific to your child’s individual needs/goals.  Parents need to be trained as to how to support and intervene for their child.

 If you ignore the signs of potential ASD in your child’s growth years and do nothing to provide treatment/therapy, etc., your child will develop bad habits that are more difficult to change as they get older.  If a child is not given tools to help them deal with emotions, communication, social situations, sensory issues, how  to interact in the world, he/she will have a very difficult time coping in everyday life.  This becomes very apparent when they reach the teen and early adult years.  If you see signs of aggression or not knowing how to  cope with their emotions, etc. , get help for them so they can learn how to manage.  

We can recommend  ABA Therapy centers  or other professionals in the area that you can talk to  you regarding your child’s individual situation.